Monday, March 7, 2011

Gooseberry Green

Apparently there's an actual name for Brodie's eye color: gooseberry green. I learned this while reading about Egyptian Mau cats. My guys are mutts, not Maus, but seeing as the distinguishing features of all known cat "breeds" came from random-bred populations originally it's totally unsurprising to see modern random-bred kitties expressing traits commonly associated with particular types of cats.

It's difficult to get good photos of cats' eyes, but the one below (of Brodie, if that wasn't obvious!) is pretty accurate color-wise:

Cats' eyes commonly change color as they grow. My youngsters all had greyish eyes when first adopted, and like most kittens probably had blue eyes at birth. Now they've all got different hues going on in the ocular region: Cora's eyes are a deep amber, Shadow's are bright yellow with greenish bits toward the center, and Brodie's are, well, gooseberry (or, as I've previously described them, "clear limeade green").

Brodie also does actually look vaguely Mau-ish in other respects too...these Flickr Mau-cats remind me of him a fair bit. He's more striped than spotted but he's definitely got the long body and the wedge-with-rounded-points head shape.

Anyway, definitely a frivolous observation but cat traits and genetics are just something that fascinates me, so I thought I'd post about it.


  1. Handsome! I have a gooseberry bush, and the fruit do look like eyeballs! They have little veins in them, and such. Kinda chartreuse, but, they come in purple, too.

  2. missmoppet: Oh cool re. gooseberry bush. I've only seen gooseberries a few times; they're not super common in California, USA I guess (and I've only seen them in grocery stores, not growing outside). They are pretty though, and I can see the resemblance to eyeballs, especially light green kitty eyeballs!

    And yes Brodie is indeed a handsome guy! He's a very statuesque cat, at least when he's sitting still...when running around he's still a bit of a klutz, though he's getting more graceful as he matures.


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