Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Going To Feral Cat Class!

Some heavy brainstorming ensued after my prior post on the currently burgeoning local feral cat colony I am trying to help get TNR-ed. One thing I've determined absolutely is that somehow, more people (hopefully some with experience!) need to be involved. The problem on my end is finding those people -- meeting other humans offline and establishing any sort of productive contact with them is not one of my strong points.

Nevertheless, my optimism is up a bit today, seeing as I happened upon an announcement on the local Humane Society website yesterday for an evening class entitled Helping Homeless Cats in Your Community. It's being held this Thursday and I've already RSVPed. Luckily, I should be able to get there on transit pretty easily from the lab (where I'm doing part-time biotech work). I figure at the very least, there are liable to be some folks in attendance who might have ties to local feral-cat advocacy groups and/or volunteers who might be able to help trap.

So yeah. I will definitely report back on the aftermath of that meeting, and hopefully it will lead to a healthier, safer future for all Cora, Brodie, and Shadow's "cousins"!


  1. That sounds pretty fascinating. How did it go?

    Did you manage to network with anyone?

  2. Hi Lisa -- I have a new post up here in which I go on at length about the class and what I learned.


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