Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Picture Post!

Shadow in the kitchen (staring at me -- he does that sometimes when he is in "play mode" and wants me to get a toy out for him!).

Shadow and Brodie, snugglebrothers! I love how Shadow is all smooshy-faced into Brodie's chest:

Cora all curled up in the little round cat bed (I swear, sometimes I wish I could morph into a cat just for the sake of the naps!):

Stylish kitties are stylish - Nikki, Shadow, and Brodie lounge artfully on the bed:

Shadow tries out the harness, in the back yard:

Breakfast time! Brodie and Shadow are on the cat platform, Cora is on top of the fridge, and Nikki is just outside the patio door (everyone is very excited about getting their wet food!):

Brodie, the archetypical kittyloaf!

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