Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caturday Again!

Some of this week's highlights from the wonderful felines:

Sister kittens (Rosie's babies at almost 4 weeks!) snuggling in their nest box.

Boy-baby kitten (no they don't have names yet, waiting to see what their personalities are like) exploring!

Cora (l) and Nikki (r) in the back yard. Nikki is none too pleased about this new development (Cora going out on leash-walks). I can't say I really blame her, though, as up until now the yard has been the one place she's been able to get away from those rowdy young up-start roommates of hers. :P

Shadow deep in comfortable napping-land on the window seat. When I moved into this house there were two things I knew for sure: this house needs cats, and it needs a window seat for the cats to sit on. And now both of those things have been realized! :D (Humans can sit on the window seat too, of course, but I am sure it will get more feline use overall!)

Double-decker makeshift cat "bunk beds" in the living room: Nikki is napping on a fuzzy "cat mattress" I made, and Brodie is below the end table in a little round bed my parents got for the kitties last Xmas.

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