Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caturday Photos for May 1, 2010

(OK well technically it is after midnight as I post this, making it May 2, 2010 here in Northern California, but I started uploading pictures before midnight so I will leave the title as is.)

Some photos from this weekend:

Cora here again on top of the DVD cabinet. She looks a bit like a paratrooper to me, in the harness she's wearing. I am attempting to harness-train all the younger cats (Nikki is already a pro at outdoor stuff) so that if they ever get out, they will know what the house looks like from the outside and not be terrified and confused.

Anyway, I was encouraged by the fact that Cora jumped all the way up here with the harness on because it means she's getting used to the way it feels. The first time I put it on her (a few months ago) I acted with what might be termed a "paucity of wisdom", because I brought her right outside. Where she got spooked by a bee or something, tried to bolt, and then panicked when she felt the harness pulling on her. I scarcely managed to get her back indoors and got a big scratch in the process (completely my fault). So then she did not go out again until just a few days ago, after I saw her starting to walk normally in the house with the harness on (rather than in the very low crouch-stance that a lot of cats go into when they wear a harness for the first time. This past time she did much better outside -- she sniffed around, ate some grass, and then ran back toward the door (still on the leash) when she wanted to go back in a few minutes later.

Brodie standing on the kitchen feeding-platform/scratching post thing I built. He just looks so...statuesque here, or something. The kittens have grown up so much! Brodie is the largest, currently at 14 pounds (and they are all 9 months old). I wonder if he has some Maine Coon genetics because he seems to be scaled like one (though his shape is more Siamesey -- ah, the fascinating world of feral-born mutt kitties!). His paws are still big so I bet he will be at least a 20 lb adult.

And he is turning out to be such a sweet guy. He loves to come visit me at my computer and will jump into my lap and curl up and purr, for as long as I am willing to sit there! He is definitely an "I'll come to you" cat (dislikes being approached or picked up), which I think is good because it means whenever he deems to sit on you, you know it's because HE wants to. I want all the kitties here to have a healthy self respect and it definitely seems they do!

Shadow, lounging on the bed. He definitely has Intense Face here, and looks rather serious, but his personality is not extremely serious. He and Brodie both have a sort of "sweet but prankster-ish" thing about them. Also, I think it is kind of funny that initially Shadow was named (by Matt) because of how he sort of slunk around very low to the ground whenever we saw him outside (before we trapped and adopted him), but now he is living up to his name in a different way in that he's been following us around the house from room to room! I need to get some more videos of him uploaded.

...and here is one of Rosie's kittens, a little marble tabby we are pretty sure is a boy (though somewhat hard to tell at barely 3 weeks of age). I visited today and the three surviving babies seem to be doing fine (aside from some eye-infection stickiness; they're currently being treated with antibiotic ointment) -- they all eat lots and are crawling and squirming all over their box, and sometimes all over humans who sit near them!

Their mom (Rosie) periodically takes "breaks", and goes out a bit to walk about but always comes back shortly. I am sorry I did not get better pictures of all three babies -- this is the only one that came out remotely well, because kittens are active and they were moving around so much I could not get anything that was not blurry aside from this picture.

But I did get a video (below), where you can see all the babies (briefly -- the sister kittens are the little black one and the lighter spotted one) in the second bit:

It is so funny and cute, they are walking very well now but are still wobbly. And I love how their tails stick out all straight especially when they are exerting themselves!

Anyway that is it for this photo-post. And I did not forget about Nikki, it is just the pictures I tried to take of her did not come out well enough to upload (she kept ducking behind plants, etc.!). And today she had a vet appointment (booster shots, etc.) and was very tired afterward.

OK I had better go to bed now, but as always there will be more cat-related material continuing to appear here periodically!

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