Friday, June 4, 2010

Cora and Brodie, Then and Now

This picture was taken only a few days after Cora and Brodie first came home with me (they were just about 7-8 weeks old):

...and this one was taken recently (they're about 10 months old here):

It is amazing how much they've grown and changed AND how much they've essentially stayed the same in some respects. They are still utterly devoted to each other, at any rate (Brodie and Shadow are best friends as well -- Brodie is like the "glue" of the sibling trio).

(Oh and if it is not apparent, in both pictures Cora is on the left and Brodie is on the right. They also started off roughly the same size -- about 2 pounds when they moved in -- but now Brodie is nearly twice Cora's weight and quite a bit longer/taller than she is.)

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