Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brodie the feline fig enthusiast

Brodie may be shy when it comes to meeting new humans, but he's definitely the boldest of all the resident felines when it comes to meeting new foods. And since kittenhood he's had this obsession with dried figs, of all things. For his meals he gets meat, of course, but it is very difficult to keep him from getting up in my business when I'm having a snack of any kind that contains figs! Thus, the above one-minute video, in which he can be seen enthusiastically gobbling up bits of my fig cookie (which is sort of a hippie version of a Fig Newton). 

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  1. HAHAHAH! Very cute!

    The only human foods that PhysioCatte pays attention to are cottage or cream cheese and chicken soup. Both of those make him go berserk with DESIRE!!! Funnily, huge platters of raw fish sushi he completely ignores.

    BTW, you should check out his painting he made today:


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