Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nikki and Cora Disapprove Of The Roomba, But Approve Of Chairs On Tables

Matt got me a "Pet Series" Roomba vacu-bot for my last birthday. I was mightily pleased, as it does a great job of cutting down on the inevitable cat-fuz tumbleweeds (fuzzleweeds?) that occur when you've got four mainly-indoor felines in residence.

The cats, however, while they don't take off in mortal terror upon hearing the Roomba start up, are...not exactly fond of it. Sometimes Nikki yells at me when it's on in a manner that can only be interpreted as, "TURN THAT THING OFF!" But mostly they all just avoid it. And sometimes they find very creative ways to do so.

Case in point: I often put the dining chairs up on the table in order to make it easier for the Roomba to sweep underneath said table. Last time I did this, I left the room for a moment and came back to find both girlcats had taken full advantage of the situation.

Technically, kitties are NOT allowed on the table. But as they are allowed on the chairs, I figured I couldn't in all fairness shoo them down. So I took a picture instead. :P


  1. they look cute up there. I just read about a rumba smearing a puppies poo all over a home while the owner was out. Eeeeeeew.

  2. Eeeeeew indeed! That is nasty! I love the roomba and it's very good at picking up cat hair and dust, but I don't think it's quite advanced enough to be able to run unattended. It's pretty good at not inhaling my throw rugs but it's eaten a few cat toys (which have then gotten stuck in the brushes, necessitating minor robot surgery on the spot). I try and clean up as best I can before I run the thing but it is very easy to miss tiny plastic spiders under the kitchen island. Roomba is a lot better than me at finding those!

  3. Hey Ms. Corwin, how did you train your cats not to jump into your tables?

  4. Lilbert: HA, I don't think I said I "trained" them! I sort of reflexively go "HEY!" if they jump on tables, and that usually gets them down, but I am sure all 4 of them hang out there (and on the kitchen island, where they're *really* not allowed!) when I go to bed. :P They definitely know that they're not supposed to be up there when I'm looking, though, given that they will get down if they see me coming from the hallway, etc.


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