Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tall Cat Is Also Loud


I finally managed to get a semi-decent video of Shadow making some of his characteristic conversational noises.

(He has actually been even chattier than usual lately -- all the kitties here have a major case of Spring Fever, owing to the hordes of birds and squirrels that have been congregating on the back patio lately. But I am glad I got this video because it really shows his level of extremely vocal and personality-laden "interactivity" -- along with his insistence on acknowledgment. Apparently he's been taking lessons from Nikki!)


  1. Funny! Not only does he look a lot like PhysioCat, but he sounds like him!

  2. Ha, maybe they're distant cousins. I've never met a cat who sounds *exactly* like Shadow, though. It's also just funny because he's this big beefy dude and yet he's got this little boy soprano voice. (Though at the moment he's actually a bit hoarse...I took him outside on the leash last weekend and he got so excited by this he spent Monday and Tuesday screaming at the back door.)

  3. PhysioCat's meows sound more like mewps!


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