Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update: Nikki is eating!

Hooray! While she still seems to be "off" wet food, Nikki has eaten about her usual amount of dry food (including some of the EVO she was rejecting last week and some of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness which she'd never had before at all) yesterday evening and throughout today. She is back up to her normal (high) energy level, and was even running around on the neighbors' roof this morning!

(Image shows Nikki, patrolling the rooftops)

I do hope she eventually accepts some sort of wet food but for now I am just glad she is eating something with a reasonable amount of basic nutrients -- she certainly would not be able to live indefinitely on whipped cream and cheese!

In any case, I am compiling a list of things to try in case this ever happens again. So far that list consists of:

1.) Whipped cream (the Reddi-Whip spray stuff). NOT in large quanities, just a little lick off the finger. This type of whipped cream contains a bit of sugar as well so it might help resolve a glucose crash and inspire her to eat more before she starts getting heartburn.

2.) Shredded cheese (she is partial to the Mexican 4-Cheese blend). Again, only to be given in very small amounts. Provides a small amount of protein at least.

3.) Wellness brand Turkey & Salmon Jerky treats (as many of these as she wants -- they don't have the full litany of nutrients needed for a complete diet but at least they're meat)

4.) Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula dry food. I don't like feeding her this as a primary diet (as it's basically meat-flavored cereal, NOT the best thing for an obligate carnivore) but it seems to be a "comfort food" for Nikki, sort of her version of saltines and ginger ale. And it is at least a source of taurine and other vital nutrients.

I would be quite curious to hear from anyone else out there who lives with a very picky cat -- what s/he eats when s/he will hardly eat anything, etc.!


  1. Interesting cat fact of the day re: whipped cream & glucose - cats cannot taste sweetness:

  2. I'm glad to see her pickiness didn't keep her hungry for long.

    I don't have any really good advice here. I've never had quite that much trouble feeding any of my cats.

    Also, I ♥ Siamese. :)

  3. Matthew: I knew cats couldn't TASTE sweetness but that does not mean their bodies don't have a glucose response. And in general it is not good for them to eat a lot of glucose but when they've been on a hunger strike sometimes feeding a little bit can help them stave off hypoglycemia (which, having experienced it myself, is extremely unpleasant). I suspect Nikki likes the fat in the whipped cream, as she is also fond of cheese and milk.

  4. Lisa: She is now back to eating wet food again since I posted this, but mainly only Fancy Feast Savory Salmon (not that I'm complaining!). So that is a relief. I have to wonder if maybe she got "saturated" on the wet stuff and just couldn't stand it for a few days but now she's back to enjoying it again. Either way, yeah, I am glad she didn't end up sick due to her uberpicky phase.

    Re. Siamese cats, my family had several when I was growing up: we had one (Tim) living with me and my parents and siblings, and my grandparents had three at one point! They were all different but I have never met a Siamese that isn't very very intense. And Nikki is certainly that...she doesn't seem to have a "moderation" switch, it's all extremes!

  5. I agree about Siamese cats and intensity. I've had a torti who had a very Siamese temperament (and voice, oh god), and she had two Siamese kittens who were both really expressive and extreme and lovable for it themselves (sadly, I didn't keep either, but they were amazing).

    I have a flame point right now, and he's insistent on his terms for any relationship.

  6. try the plain meat variety baby foods, i.e. turkey,chicken, beef, etc...its what my kitty rescuer always gives her picky eaters or recovering kitties...also "pill pockets" always tempt my two...but not for brodie, as they have corn additives.

    - :)

  7. try any of the meat varieties of baby food, thats what my kitty rescue lady gives all of her picky eaters/recovering kitties...also see if nikki likes "pill pockets", the 'grediant list isnt so bad as all that, tho it does have corn additives so none for two love pill pockets and we use those as treats when they go on sale..

    - :)

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