Monday, August 16, 2010

The Terrifying Hat

Apologies for the poor quality image -- I had just wanted to take a quick picture of the hat (on my head) so I used the bathroom mirror, and then the image came out weirdly bright red so I ended up turning the saturation way down so I didn't look like I had some sort of terrible sunburn.

But all that is beside the point...the point being that my sister Katie gave me this neat kitty hat yesterday! She says she got it from a street vendor who sold various hand-made items. I think it is very cute personally...but the younger cats here do NOT agree!

I put it on last night and as soon as Shadow saw me, he put his ears back and ran out of the room. Cora and Brodie did the same thing when they saw it. So I took it off and let them sniff it, and they didn't seem afraid of it then.

However, when I picked it up again and they were able to see the face, they ran off again! Eeep. I guess it must look like some sort of GIANT CAT OF DOOM with EYES THAT NEVER STOP STARING to them.

So for now I am just not wearing it in their presence...I don't want to freak them out! I will probably let them examine it some more with it NOT on my head and see if maybe eventually they will realize it's neither "real" nor a threat.

Nikki, meanwhile, didn't seem remotely fazed by GIANT CAT OF DOOM HAT. She's older than the others so for all I know she's seen this sort of thing before.


  1. That is an awesome hat. ♥
    My sister had a cat mask for Halloween, once upon a time. Gemma didn't like it at all. ... she kept attacking my sister when she wore it.

  2. I covet both your GIANT CAT OF DOOM HAT and your T-shirt.

    Cats are so funny.

  3. Belinda: Hee. My cats don't seem to mind my black kitty-hat (which has ears but no face) or my headband with cat-ears attached to it (which I got at a Halloween store a few years ago). I don't think I'd bring a cat mask into the house now after seeing my kitties' reaction to the new hat, though!

  4. (comment deleted and reposted due to typo and lack of linkage in the original)

    intransigentia: Oh yes, that shirt is a favorite in my Star Wars T Shirt Collection (I have been collecting them for several years, whenever I see one on sale in my size...). There is a better view of it here (which is an old picture, as my hair was a lot shorter then).

    And indeed cats are funny, not to mention perceptive in ways that continue to surprise me even though they shouldn't by now!

    For example, last night when I had the DOOM HAT on I was saying repeatedly, "It's just a hat!", etc. And today at one point when Shadow was harassing Nikki (he does that sometimes -- he enjoys "chase" games but she doesn't, being older and over all that kittenish nonsense :P) I said to him, "Do you want me to get the HAT?" and he ran off under the bed! Apparently he's even quicker at picking up human words than I thought!

  5. You're right about how perceptive they are. I've been reading this blog, and from there I got hooked on Way of Cats, and it's amazing how in just a few months I've developed so much more closeness with my kitties and noticed so much more of what's going on with them. Just from paying attention and having an open mind.

  6. To me, the hat looks more rather mouse like than cat like, which could explain the "flee!" response. I like your ratS sraW t-shirt too :)


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