Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coraline Climbing

I can't remember if I've posted this here before, but below is probably my favorite picture of Cora ever:

It's from last year and it was seriously just a "lucky" shot. As in, I pointed the camera up into the tree and pressed the button a bunch of times without having much of a sense at all of what I'd end up with. Not bad for a little Canon point-and-shoot!

But anyway. I must of course note that neither Cora nor any of the other three kitties here are presently allowed to roam willy-nilly about the garden or neighborhood. If nothing else, this helps keep my nerves intact -- the actual street my house is on is pretty quiet, but just over the back fence there's a very busy main road.

Still, Cora in particular just seems to light up with joy outdoors, so I try and at least give her a little bit of (supervised) time to romp and climb and chase bugs. One of my most fervent wishes is to someday be able to construct an outdoor play area for my cats (awesome examples of these can be found at Catio Showcase), but given the investment likely required to do it right (not to mention the "convincing partner of what a wonderful idea it is" factor) it's probably going to be a while. :P

In the meantime, the Amazing World of Outside is going to have to remain a super-special treat!


  1. CPP: LOL no, those oranges are elusive beasts. You have to be careful during ripening season, though. They get as big as grapefruits and could probably crack your skull when they fall!

  2. What is the model of the Canon camera? It is a really nice shot. I have a "catio" for mine, but it is just wire fencing and bird netting placed to take advantage of existing fencing and a covered patio area on the cabin. You can also make or buy brackets and netting which attached to your fence make it "cat proof." Someone also invented a rolling tube you attach to the top of the fence which is less ugly but rolls when kitties or even coyotes try to climb over, rolling them back to the ground. This can also be DIY with PVC and a few other things.

  3. missmoppet: My camera is a Canon Powershot SD950 IS. I got it December 2007 so it's a few years old now but still a good little general-purpose machine. Next (when I can afford it) I want to get a DSLR but I haven't decided on model yet; even so, I will likely keep the Powershot around until it disintegrates.

    Oh and your "catio" sounds perfectly serviceable. I've done a lot of research on netting and fence-attach brackets and whatnot so I've got some idea of what's involved, but Matt is convinced that our kitties (well, Cora at least) would be able to find a way out no matter *how* well we attempted to fortify it. And he has a point in that no level of catio would be a substitute for some level of supervision. But I still think it would be tremendous fun for my guys to be able to play outside a *bit* more than they get to now.

  4. My canon powershot a630 died recently, but had been doing weird things for a while, like refusing to take the picture even as you press the button. It took decent video, and ok pics when it felt like it.
    Yes, I have seen at least one video of a cat who was very good at escaping. Maybe if one combined the rollers and brackets and netting somehow. I have also heard of one made with something called "zoo fencing." I was thinking deer fencing with the angled-in top would be good if I ever move.

  5. Does your camera have long pauses between shots?

  6. missmoppet: eeeek, wow, maybe I'd better start looking at new cameras sooner rather than later, as now that I think of it, I HAVE been seeing a bit of refusal-to-take-picture lately. I figured maybe I was not pressing the button properly or something but it has been happening more and more lately. :/

    I did have a problem 2 years ago where a screw fell out inside and the power supply stopped working right (battery would discharge immediately upon install). That actually turned out to be a manufacturer's defect, though, and I sent it in and they fixed it for free. No issues in that area since, but it has been flaking a little bit lately. Which is worrisome because I use my camera a *ton*.


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