Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Which Brodie Knocks Toy Mice Off A Shelf Repeatedly

(This one is especially for Comrade PhysioProf)

No heavy theorizing here from me on this one. I think it's safe to say Brodie was doing this because it amused him. :P

Oh, and the Joni Mitchell song playing in the background has absolutely nothing to do with the visual content of the video. Matt just plays random MP3s all the time and that was just what happened to be on. More pleasant than the water heater going BANG BANG BANG at least!


  1. HEAVY THEORY: He was trying to get you turn offe thatte fucken horrible music!!!!!!!!!


  2. CPP: OMG that is totally heavy. But probably not true. :P Brodie likes girls singing, weirdly enough. Sometimes if I am singing along to something he looks over at me and goes "NYAAAW!" if I stop.

  3. My cat had a day like that once, except he chose my alarm clock.

    I only let him get away with it twice before I put it somewhere he couldn't get to. I really should have realized after the first time, but he had such a guileless face.

  4. ha, ha, I hate it when babies do that toy tossing thing! Somehow it is cuter when Brodie does it!


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