Friday, November 19, 2010

Comfort Cats

Right now I am sitting on the couch as I type this, Nikki on my left side and Shadow on my right side. Every cat in this household (and every cat, period) has his or her own particular skillset and personality, and both Nikki and Shadow happen to be extremely good at "reading" me. It's kind of astounding in some ways how accurate they are, seeing as plenty of my fellow humans have been known to interpret my moods and intentions and such completely wrong.

So this is not a particularly deep entry and may even seem silly and cloying to some, but I just really wanted to express how grateful I am to the wonderful felines here. I've been going through a somewhat difficult time this week with my unemployment month it will have been a year since I lost my last job (due to a plant closure shutdown, which impacted hundreds of people).

And while on one level I know I will find something eventually, that doesn't stop me from occasionally getting grumpy and discouraged, especially after looking at job postings for several hours and not seeing anything that is simultaneously interesting, local, and in line with my particular experience in certain areas (e.g., electromagnetics testing) of electrical engineering.

But then there are cats. Who aren't, obviously, going to find me a wonderful new job. Nevertheless, like I said above, I am grateful to them for just being there (and being themselves). It is practically impossible to lose onesself in an existential crisis, after all, when one is surrounded by warmth and purr.


  1. Oh, yeah! Mah kitteh is 15, going on 16 years old, and I don't know where he is. No problem, I am sure he is nearby. If I were to step outside and call, he might deign to come inside, if he wanted to do so.

    He is somewhat Mainely Coonish, and thus has no problem staying outdoors in a Southern Florida winter. Dang! Just writing that makes me want to go ask him if he wants to come inside and hang out with me for a bit. He can't stand staying indoors for very long, but will put up with it when feeling ill, or mentally upset.

  2. Ah, I just went outside and saw him, and he came inside and is right now chowing down on some Purina Senior Formula. He can put up with bad weather, but he'd rather not (it is kind of rainy here and now) so of course he is now here in the house with me. I need to see if he wants to sit on me, or next to me, or go outside. Update, last few seconds: he seems to want to sit on me. I will, of course, allow him to do that.

  3. Mah Good Old Kitteh is now curled up on my lap, making purring noises.

  4. I just bit mah kitteh's tail, slightly. We liked it.


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