Monday, October 25, 2010

Shadow in the Sunbeams

The following sequence of photos was taken recently while Shadow was resting and generally lolling about in his wonderfully cattish way on the bed. His personality really comes through in these shots, I think!

Glancing off to the side, with a very solid expression. Shadow always has this look of unabashedly belonging wherever he is.

Also, you can sort of see his ghostly melanistic-tabby markings a bit here, specifically the "necklace stripe" which is obvious on Cora and Brodie but only shows up on Shadow in certain lighting. The brown tinge to his fur is also totally normal in black cats; very few are "true black".

Gazing upwards toward the window. There was probably a bird outside. And he is so SHINY! This isn't fancy camera effects...he really is that sleek-looking IRL. Probably due to a combination of spending 98% of his time indoors and his diet (he's mostly raw-fed).

Rolling playfully onto his back. Usually this is accompanied by a squeaky meyawn (meow-yawn combination), which will be repeated until the requested scritchies are delivered.

Not all cats like having their bellies touched or rubbed, and humans should never assume rolling over means a belly-rub is being requested without knowing the individual cat really well. Shadow, however, loves belly rubs, especially when accompanied by chin scritches.

I should also note that he's now (at about 1 year, 3 months) up to fifteen pounds and 38" long from tip of nose to tip of tail. Which is just amazing to me seeing as this time last year he was barely two pounds, and very easy to lose in the spare bedroom because he could literally hide behind a row of small paperback books!

This is a very "I'm quite relaxed, but would not be averse to attacking a dangly toy, should you be so kind as to present one to me" posture.

This one is probably my favorite in the set. Positively radiant with Shadowishness!


  1. CUTE!

    As you point out, he is really a fake black cat and not really black. PhysioCat, on the other hand, is truly black. And he's BAD ASSE!

  2. CPP: Yeah, Shadow is basically like a tabby cat who has been dipped in ink, as far as appearances go. He looks solid black in dim or indoor lighting but the brown tint and stripes/spots show up when the sun (or sometimes a camera flash) hits him. I think it's pretty neato. Your cat probably has the melanistic gene expressed to a greater degree (or at least, there's less dilution of it somehow).


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